Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rudi Koertzen replaced by Aleem Dar. Sangakara shows great sportsman spirit

Rudi Koertzen of South Africa has been replaced by Aleem Dar of Pakistan for England's test series with Sri Lanka. It comes following a very bad decision by Rudi to give Srilankan batsman Kumara Sangakara out caught while the replays showed that the ball had missed the bat by a good distance and had popped off his shoulder. You can see the decision here:

However, Sangakara has shown great spirit in defending Rudi. Sangakara says:
"International umpires are not required to come and apologise when they make a mistake.

"It thought it was a nice gesture on Rudi's part to come and have a chat and we moved on.

"I thought Rudi had an excellent game and he's a very good umpire. He's been one of the top three umpires over the last two years and as a team we respect him a lot and have a good rapport with him."

Source: skysports

Monday, November 26, 2007

Loved rehab, but I still got it right: Hair

Daryl Hair has been through a 'man management course' as a part of his rehabilitation after he got demoted following the Oval controversy. Reports the Sydney Morning Herald. But after the course is complete, Hair still believes that what he did was right.

"It's easy to say, look, if I'd known how to deal with that sort of issue, the communication and management issues then, if I knew then what I know now I may have done things differently.

"But I don't believe so because there's a certain limit to what the umpire needs to do under those circumstances and I believe that both the umpires fulfilled those obligations both with the ball tampering and the refusal to play."

He also defended his claim of a severance payment from ICC.

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